Peak Airlines



Welcome to Peak Airlines, a literally worldwide private virtual airline headquartered in beautiful Gold Bar, WA.

Since 7 January 2010, Peak Airlines has been committed to providing a fun and realistic virtual flight experience with the emphasis on integrity and professionalism using general aviation and commercial aircraft. By using either Microsoft FS 2004 or Microsoft FSX, we hope to provide those realistic cargo flights or passenger flights with some of of the industry's venerable aircraft and we'll even throw in some fantastic VFR flights to maximize our enjoyment. Since we are modeled after a fictional airline, this allows us to be very creative and flexible in the type of flight, location of the flight, and the aircraft we use to fly these flights. Adding the flying online (with either FSInn or SquawkBox) and interacting with other pilots and "ATC", we strive to bring you a better experience as fellow aviators. Peak Airlines Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robert Patton II - PEK001 and Peak Airlines Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mark Pitschlitz - PEK002 are as eager as ever to assist you in our love of this hobby!


See our SOP for basic information: SOP

Email the CEO at ceo(at) to let me know how I make it a better experience!

Remember none of the content on these pages should be used for real world flying! This airline is a private virtual airline!

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